Workshop Descriptions

Parent Toolbox Includes 6 Audio-Only Recordings and Handouts

  • What Your Child Wishes You Knew and How You Can Help: The 5Cs of Successful ADHD Parenting | Sharon Saline | 70 minutes

    Sharon Saline, PsyD, discusses how listening to and working with the voices of kids diagnosed with ADHD can improve family cooperation and success. She has created a unique, strength-based approach called The 5 Cs of ADHD Parenting that helps families improve self-Control, Compassion, Collaboration, Consistency, and Celebration. Her collaborative approach integrates mindfulness, cognitive therapy, and positive psychology while teaching effective skills to reduce the stress in families’ lives.

  • Launching Successfully from High School to a First Job and Beyond | Chris A. Zeigler Dendy & Ruth Hughes | 58 minutes

    In this session, you’ll learn about options beyond getting a job and going to college that give your teenager’s brain more time to mature and simultaneously provide an opportunity for exploration of career interests. In addition, participants will learn about creating a personalized gap year program for their teen, easing into the college experience at a community college, and the value of specialized professional or vocational college programs.

  • Beyond More Time: Improving Slow Processing Speed in Kids with ADHD | Randy Kulman | 60 Minutes minutes

    Slow processing speed is evident in approximately 60% of children diagnosed with ADHD. This presentation will help in identifying the signs of slow processing speed and provide alternatives to the common accommodations that are prescribed for kids with these concerns. It will also examine ways to improve slow processing speed.

  • Parenting Through the Hot Spots: Staying Cool During Transitions | Diane Dempster & Elaine Taylor-Klaus | 50 minutes

    This interactive workshop will teach you key strategies to manage mornings, homework, bedtime and technology when time is short and tempers are ready to spark. Learn effective techniques to keep your cool (and teach your kids to do the same) so that you can effectively plan for these transition times and work together as a team.

  • It's 9:00 PM: Don't You Have Homework to Do? | Leslie Josel | 62 minutes

    You’ll learn how to set up an environment that engages your student to get homework done. Learn creative ideas for planning long-term projects and boredom-busting “games” that strengthen the homework muscle. Josel will teach you solutions to help your child learn how to prepare and plan for exams, and know when they are fully prepared.

  • Why Will No One Play with Me? Teaching Parents to Become Their Child's Social Skills Coach | Caroline Maguire | 68 minutes

    This workshop will introduce participants to the tools they need to become their child’s social skills coach. Caroline will demonstrate the process for participants so that they can apply coaching techniques at home.