Workshop Descriptions

Parent Toolbox Includes 6 Audio-Only Recordings and Handouts

  • Putting It All Together: Working with Executive Functioning in the Trenches | Joyce Cooper-Kahn & Chris Zeigler Dendy | 124 minutes

    Don’t miss this session led by two veteran professionals who have been in the forefront of identifying strategies to address deficits in executive functions. They will answer the burning question asked by teachers, coaches, and other professionals: How can I help children and teens to build better executive skills? Their practical strategies can be utilized immediately with your clients, patients or students.

  • Promoting Success for Children with ADHD: A Brief Family-School Intervention | Thomas J. Power, Jennifer Mautone, and Jenelle Nissley-Tsiopinis | 67 minutes

    The purpose of this presentation is to describe a family-school intervention for children with ADHD and how to implement the program in diverse settings. Family School Success (FSS) is an intervention program that links the family and school systems to address the needs of children with ADHD in grades K to 6. FSS was originally designed as a multimodal intervention involving family and school. The FSS program is grounded in attachment theory, social learning theory, and ecological systems theory.

  • Practical Skills for Building Comprehension Across All Subjects | Michele Joseph & Sadi Blount | 49 minutes

    By gathering skills and research on brain science, visual learning, executive functions, and neuroscience, teachers can change the success students experience in the classroom. Educators will develop a toolbox to help students develop into active, purposeful learners as we reexamine our assumptions about memory and attention.

  • The Range of Learning Support Services in Postsecondary Education | Judith S. Bass | 59 minutes

    Participants will learn about comprehensive support programs and support services and how each can address an array of learning needs, including ADHD coaching, social support, and tutoring for specific learning disabilities.

  • Psychological Evaluations: What Should Parents and Teachers Look for in a Good Evaluation? | Harris Finkelstein | 50 minutes

    This workshop outlines the necessary components of a comprehensive evaluation. Criteria will also be outlined for the thresholds that must be met for children to qualify for special services in most school districts for ADHD, learning disorders, and emotional/social issues.

  • Executive Function Strategies: Sparking Success and Reducing Stress in Students with ADHD | Donna Kincaid & Lynn Meltzer | 121 minutes

    Learn practical strategies that foster students’ mastery of executive function processes. In particular, setting goals, organizing, prioritizing, shifting flexibly, and self-monitoring. We will emphasize strategies for improving cognitive flexibility so that children, adolescents, and young adults learn to shift mindsets and to think flexibly in the context of social, interpersonal, and academic situations. Strategies for organizing, memorizing, and selfmonitoring will be selected from our SMARTS Executive Function Curriculum and will be modeled using hands-on activities. Applications across the content areas and grade levels are discussed.