Workshop Descriptions

Adult with ADHD Toolbox Includes 6 Audio-Only Recordings and Handouts

  • Getting Out of Stuck | Linda Anderson | 46 minutes

    Explore three major ADHD challenges and how they are fueled by anxiety and negative self-talk. Using the formula A + B = C, we will create (A) awareness about the role of negative thinking and a nagging inner critic. Next, we will focus on changing (B) behavior by working on transforming negative thinking. This will lead to an exploration of (C) choice and the consideration of some creative next action steps.

  • Thriving with ADHD, Sleep Disorders, and a Taste for Shenanigans | Roberto Olivardia | 62 Minutes

    Maiken Scott will interview and dialogue with Roberto Olivardia about his personal life and experience with ADHD, as well as his experience as a parent of a child with ADHD and dyslexia. This is an upclose-and-personal journey of a little boy from Somerville, Massachusetts, raised by loving immigrant parents, who successfully navigated through the challenges of ADHD and various sleep disorders.

  • Great Sexual Connection is Extra Important for Couples with ADHD | Ari Tuckman | 74 minutes

    A couple’s sex life can be a source of strife or of positive connection. When one partner has ADHD, couples will have enough struggles by day, making the potential benefits of a good sex life that much more important. This session will be based on groundbreaking research into these couples’ sexual and relationship satisfaction and help attendees to improve both. We will identify what the happiest couples are doing so we can apply our efforts to what will be most helpful. We will also discuss how the process of creating a great sex life will benefit your relationship overall— and vice versa.

  • The Professional Disorganizer: A Lighthearted Look at Conquering Serious ADHD Clutter | Linda Roggli | 57 minutes

    Adults with ADHD are infamous for their clutter; it seeps into corners, onto countertops, dining tables, and office floors. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel (created by piles, of course!). There are several hard stops for organizing by the adult who has ADHD. Overwhelm can be a prominent factor; lack of knowledge about how and where to organize can slow efforts. But even if ADHD folks manage to find a place for everything, maintaining order is another major hurdle. This session addresses the neurobiological impact of ADHD on efforts to get organized and stay organized. Then we turn attention to practical tools and techniques that work. Drawing on ADHD research plus current studies on disorganization, this session offers ADHD-friendly techniques to conquer clutter... and keep it that way!

  • Navigating the Career Continuum: A Toolkit for Employment Success | Sarah Ellis | 64 minutes

    What does it take for students with ADHD and learning differences to achieve career success? In this interactive workshop, participants will be given the opportunity to develop an understanding of the underlying reasons that lead to unfavorable employment outcomes and how to leverage the unique strengths of individuals with ADHD and other learning differences to compensate for their inherent challenges.

  • Adulting with ADHD: Tools and Strategies for Productive and Healthy Living | Eric Tivers | 62 minutes

    Adulting with ADHD can be tough. This session is going to help make it easier. Learn strategies for better managing your time, your money, and your inbox. We’ll explore ways to help with phone anxiety, grocery store overwhelm, and how to wash a load of laundry just once. We will also explore how to leverage accountability in a way that is supportive and non-shaming. This session promises to be entertaining, full of relatable stories, and practical strategies that you or your clients can begin using today.